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Unify: How to Connect Your Soundbar to a Firestick Remote

Feeling overwhelmed while trying to connect your soundbar to your Firestick remote? You’re not alone. This guide is your straightforward path to syncing these devices, turning your living room into a sound oasis with just a few clicks. 

With simple steps and a sprinkle of patience, your Firestick remote will soon control your sound experience, making your audio setup hassle-free. Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Before diving into the wizardry of connecting your soundbar to your Firestick remote, let’s ensure you have all the necessary tools for this adventure. You’ll need:

  1. Your Firestick Remote: The key to your kingdom, ready to be turned into a universal scepter.
  2. Your Soundbar: This is important.
  3. A Dash of Patience: Sometimes, technology likes to test us. A little patience goes a long way… or maybe alot of patience!

First things first, let’s check the back of your TV and soundbar for the connection ports. HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) is the golden gate for high-quality audio and easier control, but an optical connection will also get the job done if that’s not an option. My TV has no HDMI ARC input, but an optical connection works great for my Fire TV remote.

Identify what you have; this will dictate how we proceed.

Thanks to Yamaha for the example images.

Now, ensure both your soundbar and TV are plugged in and powered on. If this is the first time they’re meeting each other, a proper introduction is crucial.

The Connection Ritual: Step-by-Step Guide

Identifying the Right Portals: Optical vs. HDMI

1. Check Your Ports:

  • HDMI ARC: Look for an HDMI port labeled “ARC” on both your TV and soundbar. This is your best bet for quality audio and ease of control.
  • Optical: If HDMI ARC isn’t available, locate the optical output on your TV and the input on your soundbar.

2. Choose Your Cable:

  • HDMI ARC: If you’re going the HDMI route, have an HDMI cable.
  • Optical: For optical connections, grab an optical cable.

How to Initiate the Connection from Your Fire TV Settings

1. Power On & Connect:

Ensure both devices are powered on. Connect them using your chosen cable—HDMI ARC to HDMI ARC or optical out to optical in.

2. Navigate Your Fire TV:

On your Fire TV home screen, head to ‘Settings’ > ‘Equipment Control’ > ‘Manage Equipment’ > ‘Add Equipment’ > ‘Soundbar.’

Equipment Control

3. Brand Selection:

Follow the on-screen prompts to select your soundbar’s brand. If it’s not listed, choose ‘Other’ for a manual setup. BTW – Here’s the complete list of supported sound bar brands.

4. Connection Test:

Your Fire TV might test the connection. Follow any additional on-screen instructions to ensure your soundbar can be controlled with the Firestick remote.

Fire TV Setup: Connect your Soundbar to the Firestick Remote

1. Volume Control Setup:

Go back to ‘Settings’ > ‘Equipment Control’ > ‘Manage Equipment.’ Select your soundbar, then check out the ‘Volume Incrments’ settings.

Sound Bar Volume Settings

2. Power Control Setup:

To make your soundbar turns on and off with your TV, go to ‘Equipment Control’, select your soundbar, and choose ‘Power Controls’. Follow the instructions to enable this feature. I set the delay to 4 seconds for my sound bar. The default of 7 is a bit too slow for me.

Fire TV Sound Bar Power Controls

Next, we’ll sprinkle some personal touches to fine-tune your setup, making sure it sings to your tune.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my soundbar to my Firestick remote?

To connect your soundbar to your Firestick remote, first ensure you have chosen the right connection type (HDMI ARC or optical cable) and connected the devices accordingly. Then, navigate to Settings > Equipment Control > Manage Equipment > Add Equipment > Soundbar on your Fire TV. Follow the on-screen prompts to select your soundbar’s brand and complete the setup.

What’s the difference between using an optical cable and HDMI for my soundbar?

The difference between using an optical cable and HDMI ARC for your soundbar mainly lies in audio quality and control capabilities. HDMI ARC supports higher audio quality, including formats like Dolby Digital Plus, and allows for control over the soundbar with your TV remote, thanks to the audio and control signals being transmitted. On the other hand, optical cables provide good-quality audio but lack the ability to transmit control signals, which might require you to use separate remotes for different devices.

How can I make sure all my devices turn on with one click?

Ensuring all your devices turn on with one click can be achieved by enabling the HDMI-CEC feature in your TV’s settings and connecting your soundbar via HDMI ARC. The specific steps can vary based on your TV model, so consulting your TV’s manual for HDMI-CEC settings is recommended.

Why aren’t the buttons on my Firestick remote working with my soundbar?

If the buttons on your Firestick remote aren’t working with your soundbar, it’s likely due to a setup issue in the Fire TV settings or a misconfiguration. Make sure your soundbar is correctly identified and configured within the Equipment Control settings of your Fire TV. If issues persist, try to re-pair your Firestick remote by holding down the Home button for 10 seconds.

Why aren’t the volume buttons on my Firestick remote controlling my soundbar?

When the volume buttons on your Firestick remote aren’t controlling your soundbar, it usually indicates a setup problem or compatibility issue. Check your Fire TV’s Equipment Control settings to ensure the soundbar is properly set up. If the problem continues, your soundbar might need a firmware update or may not fully support HDMI-CEC controls, requiring a check on the manufacturer’s website or the soundbar manual for solutions.

Wrapping Up: Connect Your Soundbar to Your Firestick

You’ve taken the steps to connect your soundbar to your Firestick remote, and now you’re all set for an enhanced audio experience. This guide aimed to simplify what might have seemed like a daunting task into something manageable and straightforward.

Did you find this guide helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more smart device tips and tricks, check out our TV Archives

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