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Alexa, Engage! A Comprehensive Guide to Alexa Star Trek Skills

“Alexa, beam me up!” If you’ve ever fancied commanding your smart home like a Starfleet officer, Amazon’s Alexa is here to help. With the range of Star Trek skills available for Alexa, you can engage in entertaining interactions and trivia games and even get Alexa to adopt the voice of the Star Trek computer. This blog post delves into the exciting world of Alexa Star Trek skills, teaching you what they are and how to enable them with a collection of thrilling examples you can start using today.

What are Alexa’s Star Trek Skills?

In the universe of Amazon’s Alexa, skills are like apps for your smart devices. They allow you to enhance your smart assistant’s capabilities beyond the default features. In this case, the Alexa Star Trek skills enable you to interact with your device using commands and lingo directly from the Star Trek series. From having fun with phrases like “Red Alert” to getting a daily Star Trek fact, these skills make for a delightful experience for any Trekkie.

How to Enable a Star Trek Skill on Alexa

You must enable the appropriate skills to start your Star Trek journey with Alexa. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap the ‘More’ option at the bottom right and select ‘Skills & Games.’
  3. Search for the skill you want, like “Star Trek Commands.”
  4. Tap on the skill, then select ‘Enable Skill.’
  5. If the skill requires linking to another account, follow the prompts to complete the setup.

Exciting Alexa Star Trek Skills to Try

With your Star Trek skills enabled, it’s time to command your smart home like a starship. Here are some thrilling examples you can start with:

  • Star Trek Commands: This skill brings a multitude of Star Trek catchphrases to your Alexa-enabled device. Try saying, “Alexa, ask Star Trek for ‘Beam me up” or “Alexa, ask Star Trek for ‘Make it so.'”
  • Star Trek Quiz: Test your Star Trek knowledge with this engaging trivia game. To start the game, say, “Alexa, open Star Trek Quiz.”
  • Star Trek Facts: Get your daily dose of Star Trek facts by saying, “Alexa, ask Star Trek Facts for a fact.” A great way to deepen your Star Trek universe knowledge!
  • Star Trek Ambient Sounds: Immerse yourself in the Star Trek universe with ambient sounds from the series. Say, “Alexa, open Star Trek Ambient Sounds” to get started.
  • Star Trek: Red Alert: Enable this skill to set off the iconic Red Alert siren from Star Trek. Just say, “Alexa, trigger Red Alert,” and watch Alexa light up and sound off the alert.
  • Star Trek Computer: If you’ve ever wanted to make your Alexa sound like the Star Trek computer, this skill is for you. Enable the skill and switch your device’s wake word to “Computer” for a fully immersive Star Trek experience.

And by the way, there are some other cool star trek commands too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alexa Sound Like the Star Trek Computer?

Not Truly! Alexa can mimic the Star Trek computer’s voice, making your interactions more immersive. However, this isn’t a built-in feature and requires you to enable a specific skill named “Computer” from the Alexa app. So it only works with some Alexa commands, as you would expect.

What Star Trek Things Can Alexa Do?

Alexa can perform various Star Trek-themed actions, depending on the skills you’ve enabled. This includes responding to iconic commands, providing daily Star Trek facts, playing a trivia game, and more. Read more above.

Is there a charge for using Star Trek Skills on Alexa?

No, these skills are entirely free to enable and use. However, some skills may have premium features or content that can be purchased separately.


Turning your home into your very own Starship Enterprise has never been easier. With Alexa Star Trek skills, you can command smart devices like a Starfleet officer, indulge in trivia games, and learn fascinating facts from the Star Trek universe. So try it and let the words “Engage!” or “Computer, Earl Grey, hot” become a part of your daily routine.

To keep exploring the vast universe of Alexa’s capabilities, check out more tips and tricks in the Alexa Archives.

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