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Smart Light Off-White Colors

Finding an off-white that matches the ambiance you want is tough. The right white hue color will set a mood, whether you’re going for a softer setting or a more sterile environment. The first step is in knowing which off-white colors are made available to you where your Voice Assistant will also support it.

Luckily, all Smart Light brands–including Phillips Hue and LIfX– have Lights that support multiple off-white shades. Wikipedia provides a good list of different white hue options and is a good place to start. You can also look at individual manufactures that list white color shades. But overall, finding a collective list that combines not only the possible off-white color options, but also lists if it’s supported by your Voice Assistant is harder to come by.

To solve for this, I’ve created a table below that will show you all the various shades of off-white Voice Assistants recognize. This list was tested with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, and with using a Phillips Hue Light. Note that not all white color hues work with each assistant. Additionally, these off-white color names will work well with specific Smart Lights that only support white hues–the Phillips Ambiance being one of them. The benefit being you therefore don’t have to buy a more expensive Smart Light Bulb for white hues.

Voice Assistant Off-White Color Options

Off-White ColorsWorks with SiriWorks with AlexaWorks with Google Assistant
Alice BlueYesYesYes
Anti-Flash WhiteNoNoYes
Antique WhiteYesYesYes
Azure MistNoNoNo
Cold WhiteYesNoYes
Cool WhiteYesYesYes
Cosmic LatteYesNoYes
Floral WhiteYesYesNo
Ghost WhiteYesYesYes
Hot WhiteNoNoYes
Soft WhiteYesYesYes
Warm WhiteYesYesYes

Ready to branch out beyond off-white? Each Voice Assistant is able to recognize many other colors, as well. Check out the pages below for helpful lists on the different light color options.

2 thoughts on “Smart Light Off-White Colors”

  1. Candlelight – is the command I use to give the lights a nice warm yellowish glow. This command is recognized by SIRI for homekit bulbs. This for me is the closest to a 2700K-3000K bulb. Thank you so much for these excellent pages it has made using my multi-color led bulbs so much more fun to explore different color schemes with it.

  2. You don’t understand how helpful this has been!! I’m a big fan of that 6500k blueish-white you see on car headlights a.k.a. “Daylight” on a light bulb, but could never get Siri to do it correctly. Thank you! !

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